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Why visit my Fine Art America site?

January 3rd, 2020

Why visit my Fine Art America site?

I'm just getting ready to put out to Facebook and Instagram some FAA canvas print specials for my 2010s images (see prior blog post).

Before I did that, I decided to add a blog post on my own webpage. I've copied the first bit below and the link in this FAA blog entry will take you to the full post.

I decided to tweak my Instagram profile prior to rolling out the specials and to add some content that really laid out to current and potential followers why I am going to be asking them to visit my FAA site even if I know that most will never buy anything. Let's take the two in order.

First, on IG I added a blurb in my profile (@tendrelimages) about prints being available on FAA. Also I changed my link, which has been my tour and workshop schedule on my Zenfolio page - I went to Linktree today to consolidate clickable links for IG. Those links now include the blog entry I just put up on Zenfolio.

Now, to the blog entry itself. A bit of background is in order...

I had a Twitter account (have dropped twitter all together now) for my photography and used to get bombarded by FAA embedded links for sales of prints. A lot of what came across my feed was of snapshots with weak processing, not the sort of thing I would choose to hang on my wall.

Getting spammed constantly with those FAA posts led to me un-following a number of photographers.

Of course, now that we're into the 2020s I figured I would start to use FB and IG more for image promotion.

I'm quite concerned about doing this. I worry that I will draw the same kind of reaction that I had when other people did this.

So, I have been thinking about how to handle this and decided to have info available to social followers as to why I ask them to click a link and how that actually helps me to eventually access 'real buyers.'

Basically I'm trying to be as transparent as possible and remind social followers there is an exchange going on, even if we are not talking about money. I'm providing pretty pictures (and I plan for 2020 to start putting out much more information on the where, how, and why's for particular images and locations) and I'm positioning the clicks as the 'price' of the service, and a way to help me increase my business among the people who do want to buy art.

The blog entry is meant for social followers. I want to tell them how FAA uses an algorithm to sort and position queries from real buyers for a real purchase. I also explained a little about why I am going to run FAA specials that are zero profit for me, but that are a way that might get my images higher up in the search results if I get some sales from the promos.

Not many people will read the whole thing. But each time I do a FB promo for an FAA canvas print, I will include that blog link and a short reminder as to why a click would be helpful.

That's it for my thoughts here on the FAA blog. Below is the start of my blog at my Zenfolio site - the link to the full entry is at the bottom.


Many people hate being deluged with promotions on social media. I certainly do.

I know that most people who follow an Instagram or Facebook feed simply want to see some pretty pictures or quickly get some useful information.

Why then, am I making an effort in 2020 to increase my social media presence and asking you in my promotions to visit my Fine Art America (FAA) link?

And why on earth would I be willing to sell prints of some of my favorite images for zero profit?

The bottom line is that it helps increase my FAA visibility.


Hit the link button to read the full blog entry.